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Children - Adventure Clubs

Adventure Club

Looking to join a club, but not sure what? Come and join our Adventure Clubs, which operate throughout the year, giving you a variety of adventures, challenges and activity along the way. Whether you fit into our younger age group or the older age group, you can guarantee that it’s led by you and each week you’ll have a quality adventure!

In our Adventure Clubs, you will not only find your inner adventure, but you’ll be part of a Team, developing self-confidence, self-believe and perseverance and many other skills to take with you wherever your life leads you.

ADVENTURE CLUB - Year 6 (Age 11 and below)

Adventure Club is just that! Adventure after adventure. Each time we meet, there will be a different adventure or activity for you to go on. This club gives you a sense of what fun really is about with children returning each term for more. Best of all, you get to choose what activities you do within the club.

Some of our activities have included/are including:

  1. Visits to Bedfordshire Police and Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
  2. MAGPAS (Air Ambulance)
  3. Orienteering
  4. Water sports, including night paddles and kayaking inside a pool
  5. Team building
  6. Soft Archery
  7. And much more!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us getting to experience a wealth of activities whilst getting to have fun with friends. It doesn’t matter who you are, under our Instructors, you’ll feel part of the team in no time!

Tween Xtreme - Year 7 - Year 10 (Age 11 - 15)

You’re getting older and you don’t want to be treated like that young child, because you’re grown up now! Secretly though, you also still want to have fun and be part of a club! Welcome to Tween Xtreme, designed for those in the tween age group and above, this club is the one for you.

If you joined in our Adventure Club, you’ll know that we go on a variety of adventures. Well let’s take those adventures now and develop them on further. Didn’t do our Adventure Club? Don’t worry, we’ll still go over the basics so you know what to do!

Tween Xtreme is all about getting you out and about, giving you a variety of adventures, but starting to build those skills into qualifications. After all, who just wants to do taster sessions all of the time?! You’ll still get the variety, but be able to pursue new avenues as well. Even better, it’s still led by you so you can guarantee you’ll get to input into the adventures you do, making sure you have the time of your life.

But what afterwards?

Why not continue your adventures by joining one of our DofE programmes or our Instructor Academy, specifically aimed at Teenagers giving experience and skills whilst still getting to have fun on different adventures.

Adventure Club is one of the best activities I've ever done. It's great fun

Jamie - aged 11

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