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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Adventure Club

Looking for a life-long changing adventure?

Looking to give yourself that edge over the other applicants for that dream job?

Want to fulfil your potential and have a brighter future?

Come and join us for your Duke of Edinburgh Awawrd. As the Open-Award Centre for Bedfordshire, this means that our centre is open to anyone (as long as you fit in the age categories of 14 - 25 years).

For DofE Bronze, you can start in the school year you turn 14 (Year 9).

For DofE Silver, you can start in the school year you turn 15 (Year 10).

For DofE Gold, you can start in the school year you turn 16 (Year 11).

What do you do in DofE?

Let’s change this question around - what would you like to do? The great thing about DofE is there are so many different ways that you can complete it. It’s your programme, and we’re here to support you in doing that. You complete your own programme of activities within the sections.

In Bronze and Silver, there’s four sections for you to complete. In Gold, you have the same as Bronze, but with one more section.

The Sections

Volunteering - This is all about getting out and helping others. From helping at an after-school kids club, or working on a recycling project, running an awareness campaign, there’s lot of different options!

Physical - It’s time to get active if you’re not already. Again, there’s many different options as you can take part in a sport or fitness activity showing your improvement over time.

Skills - Here you have a difficult choice to make. Do you learn a new skill or develop an existing one? The sky’s the limit!

Expedition - It’s time to come together with your team as we will help you to train, plan and complete an adventurous journey, giving you the chance to develop a spirit of adventure and discovery.

Residential (Gold level only) - It’s time to push yourself out a bit further. You’re going to take part in a shared activity away from home with people you don’t know.

Interested? Want to join with us? Call us now to come and join us and we’ll get you registered!

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