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Tutoring sessions


You’ve possibly noticed that your child isn’t quite performing the same as their peers? Maybe they’re not enthused about their education? Or maybe you would like to make sure they’re being challenged? Possibly help in catching up with different subjects? As George Washington Carver said, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”

We’re here to help you with our qualified Teachers who are also DBS enhanced checked.

The tutoring sessions which we run at Edusports are rooted in why we became Teachers in the first place: the children and helping them to be the best they can! Through our Teaching styes, we’ll help to bring out the best in your child allowing them to learn in the style that they learn best, whether that is more through games, listening.

Our Tutoring sessions are built with fun and enjoyment in mind. By inspiring the discovery, children become more inquisitive to learn and therefore want to investigate further into the chosen topic. To start with on your child’s session, we work at originally building their confidence and self-belief whilst also building the professional relationship with them.

Additionally, when we work with your child, we develop and gather resources specific to them, creating individualised planning focusing on them and where they need help to improve their subject knowledge. We also work with you, as their parent/guardian, to identify any particular areas where they may also need help. The more information you can tell us, the better we can help your child.

We also like to enhance your child’s learning by inspiring them within different activities. Depending on what is being taught to your child, they will be invited to go on different trips and activities which will then be used to help deepen their understanding allowing the trip to take their learning into the topic further. The only children on these trips, would be those who are currently being tutored by our Team.

We are able to offer our tutoring services in a variety of different ways.

  1. online
  2. face to face
  3. in small groups
  4. 1:1 sessions.
Edusports is a trading name of Edusports (Bedford) limited.
Units 1 and 6 c/o Sportsform
Fenlake road industrial estate
MK42 0HB

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